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Couchsurfing Travel App is a useful tool for travelers from all over the world, who can connect and offer their homes to host other travelers for free. To use this app you have to register and complete your profile, which will be how you introduce yourself to the rest of the community. All the information you supply is vital for other users to decide if they want to stay at your place or not, which is why honesty is of primary importance on the Couchsurfing Travel App.

In each user's profile there are three tabs, all of them important. They show what you're offering and what to expect when people arrive at your place, which is particularly helpful for those traveling outside of their own country. You can find:

-Personal information. All the important details: whether you smoke, if you offer a bed or a couch, if you have kids, your age, how long you take to answer, etc.

-Hosting information. This is the very basic info, the conditions of what you offer. Everyone wants to know where they are going to sleep and how, so the more details you can give on the bed/couch, the room, and the city, the better.

-Photos. This is a way to show the traveler that everything you mention above is true. A picture is worth a thousand words, so this is a good way to show that you're real. A profile with no pictures gives a bad image, because you never know what to expect from that, so the more pictures and details you have, the more trust you'll inspire.

Once you've completed your profile, always keeping in mind what you'd like to see from other travelers, you can start browsing other lodgings in Couchsurfing Travel App. When you want to travel somewhere specific you can do a thorough search, filtering by smoking, pets, city, etc. ... anything that can help you have a more comfortable stay.

To get availability for a specific date you have to get in touch with the host, who'll confirm if you are accepted or not after reading your references and according to their availability. Each user can do the same, once someone asks you for a place to stay.

Finding a place to stay can be completely free, which means you can travel the world and save some money in hotels – always being careful to respect your hosts, of course.
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